A Coordinated Trauma System

Colorado has a coordinated statewide trauma system designed to assure that people who are seriously injured in Colorado receive rapid and appropriate care.  BCH's Foothills Hospital is a Level II Trauma Center, the highest level available in Boulder County.

Critically injured patients who require even more advanced trauma services are transferred from Foothills Hospital to our partner, Denver Health’s Rocky Mountain Regional Level I Trauma Center.

BCH works very closely with regional Emergency Medical Services, including an emergency flight service, to ensure that patients are rapidly transported to the appropriate facility.

As a Level II Trauma Center, Foothills Hospital also serves as a referral location and consultation/training resource for other hospitals in our region. 

Trauma Designation Process

To be designated as a Level II trauma center, a hospital must undergo a rigorous evaluation by reviewers from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE).  Level I and II centers offer the highest levels of trauma care.

Click here for information on the different trauma levels for Colorado hospitals.  

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