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Advances in Detecting and Treating Osteoporosis
Free Health Lecture

arthritislectureOsteoporosis—a bone-weakening disease—is a major health threat for millions of Americans. In fact, half of all women and a quarter of men over age 50 will suffer a bone fracture because of osteoporosis. These fractures can be devastating and lead to chronic pain, loss of independence and, in some cases, death. Fortunately, early signs of osteoporosis can be detected quickly and painlessly and effective treatments are available.

Come hear two of our medical experts describe the latest methods for diagnosing osteoporosis and new medications for treating bone loss.

Speakers: Kelly Mandagere, MD, with Boulder Endocrinology and Jie Mao, MD, with Boulder Radiologists
Wednesday, June 1, from 7 to 8 p.m.
WhereCongregation Har HaShem, 3950 Baseline Rd., Boulder
Reservations required
bchlectures.org/osteoporosis or 303-415-4212


Advanced Treatment for Cataracts
Free Health Lecture

cataractsVision that is cloudy from cataracts can put a damper on quality of life. Fortunately, with recent innovations, it’s possible to enjoy clearer vision once again.

Laser cataract surgery improves the precision and accuracy of cataract removal. When combined with modern lens implants, this new procedure may improve vision for those with cataracts — and potentially reduce the need for glasses.

Come hear a board-certified ophthalmologist describe this advanced treatment option for cataracts.

Speaker: Richard Stewart, MD, MSPH, with Specialty Eye Care
When: Tuesday, June 7, from 11 a.m. to noon
Where: Calvary Bible Church, 3245 Kalmia Ave., Boulder
Reservations required: bchlectures.org/cataracts • 303-415-4212


Recognizing and Treating Heart Failure
Free Health Lecture

heartfailureNearly 6 million Americans suffer from heart failure, a serious condition that occurs when your heart can’t pump enough blood to the rest of your body. Yet many people are unaware they have this potentially fatal condition because some of the most common symptoms—such as shortness of breath and fatigue—are often mistaken for normal signs of aging.

Our speaker is Dr. Scott Blois, who is a board certified expert in diagnosing and treating heart failure. He will describe the signs of heart failure and provide an update on the latest treatment options.

When: Wednesday, June 15, from 7 to 8 p.m.
Where: Plaza Conference Center, 1850 Industrial Circle, Longmont (located behind the Best Western Plaza Hotel)
Reservations required: bchlectures.org/heartfailure • 303-415-4212

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