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Latest Treatments for Cataracts
Free Health Lecture

cataractsEach year nearly four million Americans undergo cataract surgery to remove an aging, cloudy eye lens. With traditional cataract surgery, only distance or near vision — not both — could be restored, leaving patients dependent on glasses or contact lenses. Fortunately, recent innovations in surgical techniques and artificial lenses make it possible to enjoy clearer vision once again and potentially reduce the need for glasses.

Our speaker is Donald Keller, MD, who has more than 20 years experience in successfully treating cataracts. Dr. Keller will review important treatment advances including laser cataract surgery, a procedure that offers improved precision for cataract removal. He’ll also describe the new Symfony® Intraocular Lens that can help you to see more clearly at intermediate and longer distances following cataract surgery.

When: Tuesday, Oct. 4, from 11 a.m. to noon
Where: Calvary Bible Church, 3245 Kalmia Ave., Boulder
Reservations required: bchlectures.org/cataracts • 303-415-4212

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