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Behavioral Health

With a staff of 40 and a nurse/patient ratio of one-to-six, we provide inpatient psychiatric services and detoxification/crisis management to adults in our 16-bed unit. You'll enjoy excellent physician support as you work with an experienced interdisciplinary team and certified professionals in a supportive learning environment.

Cancer Care Services

An excellent staff of 20 RNs, 5 LPNs, and 15 patient care assistants offers patients oncology and urology services in this 18-bed unit, which receives consistently high patient satisfaction ratings. You'll work with a close-knit, supportive staff in a family-centered atmosphere, and benefit from excellent doctor-nurse relationships. We have a pharmacist present on the unit and RNs are supported in the pursuit of oncology certification.

Cardiac Care

It will do your heart good to be part of this dynamic learning environment that boasts excellent nurse-to-patient ratios and state-of-the-art technology. We count on a talented team of speech/physical/occupational therapists, discharge planners, dietary experts, and pharmacists, as well as top physicians and nurses, to give our patients the excellent care they deserve.


With 25 beds at Foothills Hospital, we offer Level II Trauma, neurosurgeon commitment, and interventional cardiac cath response, in addition to comprehensive 24-hour emergency services. You'll enjoy autonomy and real involvement in patient care, working in a community culture with physicians and nurses who have a long history at BCH.

Family Birth Center

Providing complete labor and delivery services, including antepartum/intrapartum care and cesarean sections, our center is a great place to begin life - and to launch a rewarding career.  Our Family Birth Center has a staff of 70 professional staff, 10 LDRs, triage, 2 ORs, PACU and 10 Mom/Baby suites, as well as 6 Baby/Family suites, 4 nursery rooms, and a 3-bed transport/overflow nursery in our Special Care Nursery.  We provide jacuzzis, portable fetal monitors, birthing balls, squat bars, and birthing stools for labor and delivery.  Doulas are welcome and epidural anesthesia is available. There is no central nursery and families are welcome to stay with the new baby.


Employing the latest equipment, technology and know-how, we provide diagnostic, trauma, surgical, and fluoroscopic procedures, MRI, mammography, nuclear medicine, and ultrasound. Along with MRI and CT scanners, we have one of only three PET scanners in Colorado. An interventional suite and stereotactic breast biopsy unit are also available. Cross-training is encouraged and supported for the 175 members of our staff.


We address acute rehab diagnoses for conditions that include traumatic brain injury, neurological and orthopedic disease/impairment, multi-trauma and more in this 17-bed unit. As part of a transdisciplinary team, our nurses, who enjoy an excellent nurse-to-patient ratio, provide care with a primary team nursing approach. CRRN is encouraged and care is patient focused.


Our 18-bed, multispecialty critical care unit, treating open-heart trauma, neurosurgery, and medical patients, is another reason BCH is a Center of Excellence for Cardiac Care. Nurses who join our team participate in a 4 to 6 week orientation with a preceptor, and enjoy a high degree of on-the-job autonomy and involvement. This unit is currently developing a Neuroscience Center of Excellence as well.


This 27-bed unit provides med/surg/pediatric and respiratory services, along with solid clinical resources, for a diverse patient population.  You'll thrive as a professional in this excellent learning environment with a very favorable nurse-to-patient ratio.

Orthopedics & Neurosciences

Be part of an excellent team of health care professionals that provides acute adult orthopedic and neuroscience, medical/surgical, and pediatric patient care. Each patient is assigned an RN and a PCA, enjoys a private room, and receives specialized care from experts. We offer specialized neurotraining and encourage AAON and CCRN certification.

Surgical Services

We perform all kinds of surgical procedures (except transplant surgeries), using 9 ORs and a staff of 100 professionals. With 2-3 RNs assigned per room, and technical support, our patients give us high satisfaction scores. You'll work with a close-knit, supportive team and encounter excellent physician/staff relationships.

Urgent Care

Located at the Community Medical Center at 1000 W South Boulder Road in Lafayette, this 9-bed unit provides nonscheduled care for minor trauma or urgent medical needs about 20,000 times annually. Our nurses collaborate with physicians to provide state-of-the-art diagnostic services in our beautiful, well-equipped facility, open 7A - 11P every day of the year.

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