Experienced Teams


Seamless Care

Our cardiologists, cardiovascular surgeons, cardiac and intensive care nurses, technical and support staff, and rehabilitation specialists work together as a highly coordinated unit, so patients receive seamless care where no details are overlooked. They perform hundreds of procedures and surgeries every year, so our patients' care is always in the hands of well practiced experts.

In 2012, BCH performed more than 18,000 non-interventional cardiac procedures, including electrocardiograms, echocardiograms and stress tests.

Standards for Care

The American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association have determined that for a cardiac cath lab to meet the highest standards for safe care, the facility needs to perform at least 200 coronary interventions per year.

High Volume Cath Lab

Boulder Community is proud that it far exceeds this standard. In 2012, the cardiac team performed 1,517 interventional procedures, which included cardiac catheterizations, angioplasties and stents.

Successful Surgeries

Our open heart surgery team is also extremely proficient at coronary bypasses, heart valve repairs and replacement, correction of congenital heart defects and other procedures.

The open heart team also fills a critical role, providing surgical back-up for cardiac catheterization patients who may require emergency surgery.

Staying Abreast of Medical Breakthroughs

BCH cardiologists are leaders in implanting tiny stainless steel stents to keep damaged arteries open. They use advanced intravascular ultrasound to help diagnose blocked arteries, and they are now using the innovative rotational atherectomy technique to pulverize harmful plaque and bloodclots in the bloodstream. They also use an AngioJet, which uses water under high pressure to clear clot from coronary arteries.

Our cardiologists successfully treat a number of heart conditions with powerful medications and teach patients the latest guidelines on exercise and diet.

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