Inpatient Cancer Care

The Boulder Community Health Oncology Services Program provides the highest quality inpatient care for acutely ill cancer patients and support for their families.

The Oncology Services Program has been recognized by the Commission on Cancer of the American College of Surgeons, which is the College's seal of approval indicating that patients treated by Boulder Community Health will receive comprehensive, quality care close to home.

In July of 2007, Boulder Community Health, in partnership with Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers,  opened a state of the art outpatient center, The Tebo Family Medical Building, at Foothills Hospital. This 30,000 square foot facility offers the most recent advances in medical care and complementary therapies at one location.

The Boulder Community Health Oncology Services Program offers extensive diagnostic and treatment services; including medical oncology, advanced radiation therapy, diagnostic imaging including PET/CT, clinical trials of new cancer fighting drugs, and expanded support services for patients and families.

The philosophy of the inpatient staff is to encourage patients and their families to participate in discussions and decision making about their treatment with their physicians and nurses. People may feel helpless when cancer is diagnosed. Giving patients and loved ones a voice in their care helps to restore a sense of control, which is an important key to maintaining a positive outlook.

The broad range of physicians affiliated with the Boulder Community Health Oncology Services Program provide our patients access to a comprehensive array of medical and surgical treatments. Multidisciplinary cancer meetings held twice weekly improve collaboration among physicians and health care team members and lead to better patient outcomes.

Staff take pride in creating a supportive and healing environment for patients and family. Cancer patients receive treatment, care and support from many specialists throughout the hospital. This full complement of hospital cancer services for cancer patients addresses each individual's physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs.

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