Comprehensive Plan

Reshaping BCH

Boulder Community Hospital is implementing a comprehensive multi-year development strategy that is transforming the way BCH provides medical care.

The hospital is consolidating the majority of its inpatient acute care services at Boulder Community Foothills Hospital, located at Foothills Parkway and Arapahoe in east Boulder, a site that improves access to critical services for most residents of Boulder County. More than 100,000 square feet of clinical space is being added to the current Foothills Hospital, along with additional medical office space.

BCH outpatient services will be centralized at the hospital at Broadway and Balsam in northwest Boulder, along with inpatient care for patients needing behavioral health and physical rehabilitation services.

"We’ve entered into a period where federal initiatives are reshaping health care, and Boulder Community is adapting to these sweeping changes in order to maintain our ability to provide local access to a broad range of advanced medical services," explained BCH CEO David Gehant. "Our Board of Directors, Medical Staff leadership and management team have studied the expected changes and challenges that lie ahead, and we’ve developed an action plan of operational improvements and changes that are designed to keep BCH the premier provider of health care services in Boulder County."

First Phase

The first phase of the project is transitioning the majority of inpatient acute services to the Foothills Hospital campus. This includes surgery, imaging and laboratory services, and inpatient care for patients with heart disease, neurological issues and orthopedic injuries. This phase began in 2011 and is expected to be completed in the fall of 2014. 

Second Phase

Once that stage is completed, renovations will begin at the current Broadway Street campus of Boulder Community Hospital. Construction at Broadway is expected to begin in the fall of 2014. We plan to consolidate the outpatient services and business operations currently provided at the Mapleton Center for Rehabilitation at the renovated Broadway location.

In December 2013, the Mapleton Center was sold for $12.9 million. We will continue to use the Mapleton campus (via lease) throughout 2014 and 2015.

This second phase is expected to cost approximately $15 million, depending on how plans develop.

Benefits of Consolidation

"Consolidating services at our east Boulder location offers benefits to both our patients and our physicians," Gehant said. "We’ve designed our new facilities to provide our patients with the latest treatments as safely, efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Having so many physicians and technologies at one location expands patient access to a full range of treatments and services.

"Our physicians will benefit from the improved physical environment and greater collaboration with their colleagues and other caregivers," he continued. "They’ll no longer have to provide coverage for two facilities, which can be quite taxing for those with very busy practices."


Boulder Community is paying for this project by using existing savings, issuing bonds, and community fund raising. As a non-profit and A-rated facility, BCH bonds are attractive to investors.

BCH plans to maintain its network of outpatient facilities and physician clinics in Broomfield, Gunbarrel, Lafayette, Longmont and Superior as part of its long-standing commitment to provide convenient access to health services throughout the Boulder Valley.

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