Medical Stabilization Service

Adults suffering from acute withdrawal due to alcohol and/or substance abuse can benefit from an inpatient medical stabilization service available at Foothills Hospital.

Eligible Patients
The service accepts appropriate adults who are currently using or are experiencing acute withdrawal symptoms from certain drugs. Physicians from the BCH Hospital Medicine department assess each patient’s need for inpatient admission.

Service Elements
The medical stabilization service includes:

• Pre-screening for admission eligibility
• Assessment of patient’s needs
• Hospital admission
• Medical stabilization
• Appropriate discharge planning

Patients are admitted to Foothills Hospital for an anticipated three-day hospitalization. Our physicians and nursing staff employ standard protocols and provide individualized care to meet each patient’s needs while managing their acute withdrawal.

After inpatient stabilization, patients are referred to appropriate community-based treatment for their alcohol/drug issues. Experience shows that patients are able to maintain sobriety more often when their acute withdrawal symptoms have been medically managed in an inpatient treatment program before they begin behavioral health treatment.

New Vision™
BCH provides this service in partnership with New Vision™, the largest private medical stabilization service in the U.S. New Vision provides its services in more than 40 hospitals in 18 states. BCH hospitalist Jon Sprague, MD is the program’s medical director.

The stabilization service accepts most insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid.

For more information on this service, please call 720-854-7393.

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