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Hours Expanded at Four Family Medicine Clinics

More access to great care

Expanded hours will allow patients throughout our community to get the care they need, when they need it -- including early mornings and evenings.


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Advanced Treatment for Cataracts

Free health lecture June 7

Come learn about laser cataract surgery. When combined with modern lens implants, this new procedure may improve vision for those with cataracts — and potentially reduce the need for glasses.

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Recognizing and Treating Heart Failure

Free Health Lecture June 15

Our speaker is Dr. Scott Blois, who is a board certified expert in diagnosing and treating heart failure. He will describe the signs of heart failure and provide an update on the latest treatment options.

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Detecting and Treating Osteoporosis

Free health lecture June 1

Come hear two of our medical experts describe the latest methods for diagnosing osteoporosis and new medications for treating bone loss.

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